Welcome to my creative lab: Ars Dramática

¡Hello there!

My name is constanza and I'm a designer of playful and interactive experiences; creative director of theater and audiovisual iniciatives, and devoted teacher, and  project consultant.

I created ARS DRAMÁTICA in 2015, to work professionally, from a theoretical-practical approach, on my biggest passions: telling stories, creating interactive experiences and playing games.

Thank you for being here and see my work; I'll be very happy to share with you my discoveries, exchange ideas  and collaborate with you in your owns projects.



Chilean actress, stage director, scenic researcher, screenwriter & filmaker based in Barcelona, Spain.

(1991) In theater and audiovisual, she has worked professionally as an actress, playwright, screenwriter and director in different national and international projects since 2010.

Since 2015, she runs her project Ars Dramática, an experimental performance lab focused on interactive strategies for the design of scenics experiences, ludic co-creational devices and dramaturgical (de) programming.

She is currently finishing her doctoral research (UAB - Institut del Teatre) on design of scenic ludic interaction devices for stage and virtual formats; working as a Theater studies teacher and developing personal live art/films projects.


Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona

Institut del Teatre

2017-2022 PhD Candidate - Theater Studies doctoral program

Specialized research in dramaturgical (de)programming:Live arts & strategies for ludic devices creation

Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona

Institut del Teatre

2015- 2017 Master's Degree in Theater's Studies

Specialized research in Contemporary dramaturgy and pedagogy: techniques and resources

Escola de Cinema de Barcelona

2016- 2017 Master's Degree in writing for film and television

Universidad de Chile

Faculty of Arts - Theater School

2009-2012 Bachelor in Arts - Theater department - Acting mention

Live arts, ludic interactive devices & audiovisual contents

Personal Profile

Areas of expertise

Professional Actress

Stage director & Theater Autor

Script editor & Filmmaker

Theater & Performance Studies Researcher

Playwriting - Screenwriting techniques

Live arts & Ludic co-creational devices

Game design theory

Staging / Theatrical direction

Direction of actors

Production skills (theater/cinema)



Scenics experiences / Interactive devices + Audiovisual Experiments +  Classes + Research



In ARS DRAMÁTICA, I design theater plays and interactive audiovisual projects, with the support of other artists and institutions; I research reception theory studies, gamification applied to arts, and motivational design for creating experiences and im developing a thesis about Dramaturgical (de) programming©.

Parallel to this, I do classes where I share this information with my students; professional consultancy in playwright, scriptwriting and interactive experiences; and collaborate in projects of other artists.

(Des)Programación dramatúrgica©